Effective by testing~~~~~~~ upgraded anti-cracking socks, must get ready for autumn and winter.
Release time:2023-05-29

Effective by testing ~~~~~~~ upgraded anti-cracking socks, must get ready for autumn and winter.

Suggest that parents and their husbands have a pair! Patented anti crack gel protects your ankle.

When I visited Japan this spring, I saw it in a pedicure shop.

Feeling very strange, I was surprised to ask the price. It cost 2800 yen (about 160 yuan).

But the pedicure salesman introduced a pair of them back.

It's a surprise that the crack in my heel that has plagued me for many years has been solved by it.

A good friend of Niufork introduced a lot of goods to me the other day. I saw it.

My heart is in full bloom. It's rare to have such a product that makes me heart beat.~

Because according to my own experiments, this sock is not tight enough to prevent cracking, and has the function of whitening and moisturizing feet.

So I'll share this shipment with you right away.

Remember to bring an extra pair to your elders.~

High quality cotton, comfortable to wear breathable, day and night can be used.

This sock can be worn normally during the day to prevent heel cracking and maintain the sole of the foot.

Best dressed at night, not tight and crack-proof. SPA for feet all night.~

Medical moisturizing gel, because socks are made of cotton fabric, the texture will be relatively large.

So the edge of the gel will appear white, and the visual effect is not very good.

I asked the factory to remove this process because it needed chemical reagents to close and set the shape.

Because I always feel that using chemicals is a bit unreliable, I asked the factory master specially. Anyway, this process is just for the beauty of the edge.

So I still feel that I can not use chemicals, or try not to use them, anyway, I can't see it through them.

This can be used with confidence.

There will be a faint fragrance, pure plant extract, while exfoliating, vitamin supplement, whitening and whitening!!!