Australia's hot moisturizing gel gloves
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Australia's hot moisturizing gel gloves

When this pair of gloves appeared in the buying group, many people didn't understand it

A pair of gloves for Mao is so small and expensive.

Let me summarize briefly, because she is gel! Contain essence

The complex point is that it contains a gel (gel), which is rich in Jojoba oil, olive essential oil, vitamin E, grape seed extract, avocado oil, VA, VC, lavender essential oil. After taking gloves, the body gradually absorbs various essential oils in the gel through body temperature. Each time you use it for 20 minutes, thoroughly let your hands enjoy an essential oil Spa!

Receive this glove with all kinds of curiosity

Take out your gloves and flip your gloves, you can see that there is a layer of gel inside.

And there's a burst of lavender smell coming up to you

It was cool and comfortable to wear at first.

I like it so much that it feels round and wooden.... All poses play hi ~~

Okay, the process is 15-20 minutes to ~~during which you can play with the computer. Bye pose ~ __________.

All kinds of sofa casseroles with tilted feet

Twenty minutes later, we'll find out that our family is stunned ~ ~

There is no P ~~p graph in the original map. It's a puppy with a tree and a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree with a tree.

The original wrinkles on the back of the hand also faded ~!!!!